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Why do different bottles I purchase taste different or smell different?

September 2, 2015

Protocel gets its medicinal taste and smell from one of its ingredients.  This ingredient goes through a manufacturing process, which is industry wide and approved by all the different end-user companies. We can have confidence in the quality of the product because every batch of ingredients we order is assayed at the manufacturing facility and an analysis sheet gives us the data regarding the quality and accuracy of the ingredients in every batch that meets quality control standards.  In spite of this there are variations in smell and taste.

Let me use wood as an example to demonstrate why this could be. In furniture making, some woods are lighter in color than others.  Two pieces of oak, even from the same tree, can have different colors, although they are the exact same wood.

A stronger or lighter aromatic smell does not mean the Protocel is stronger or weaker; it simply has that different taste and smell. In light of the manufacturing process, there is nothing we can do to make the taste or smell standard.  We can, however, make the quality of Protocel as an antioxidant standard.