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What is Lysing?

September 2, 2015

Lysing is a scientific term, which means the “breakdown and dissolution”. When people refer to Lysing we understand it to mean the visual evidence of dead cells being removed from the body. It is the body’s elimination of dead cells as waste product. Once a cell has “Lysed”, the body recognizes it as "waste product" and will send it out the normal avenues waste product leaves our bodies; i.e., bowel movements, urine, sweat, nasal drainage, “sand” in the eyes, tears, ear wax, breathing, etc. In other words, the waste product can be expelled through any avenue available for the body to eliminate waste.

We have received anecdotal reports of people seeing evidence of lysing in all the areas listed above or through just a few of them. Most people report eliminating the majority of the lysed material through their bowels and urine output. A few individuals would cough it up. “Although it is rare, vomiting has been reported.” Usually the waste product appears to show up sometime in the first couple of weeks on Protocel. A lot of individuals report not realizing they are eliminating waste product until someone starts questioning them on what is happening with their bodies. It appears that in the beginning the elimination could be greater.